Hidden Manor is a unique community with no common areas. Originally, we existed without an HOA. After some time, residents felt an HOA would help maintain property values, enforce CCRs, and create a community and set about creating the Hidden Manor Homeowners Association. To date, that has been the goal of the HOA.
The Board meets quarterly. Homeowners are encouraged to attend. Homeowners wishing to participate should email with a request to be placed on the agenda one week before the meeting. Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at the Church of Arrowhead.
Contact the Board and let us know of your interest. Volunteers are welcome and there are many opportunities to serve on the HOA Board and/or on one of our committees.
Email: hiddenmanorhoa@gmail.com
Mail: PO Box 10813, Glendale AZ 85312
Or consult the directory for phone numbers of neighbors or Board Members.
Currently we employ Bela Community Management, LLC to support the Board and our community with our responsibility to ensure our Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) are being followed (Compliance). While rules and guidelines are important, they lose their value if they are not actively enforced. When individuals neglect to follow our CC&R’s, everyone suffers, home values may decrease and a negative precedent is set for the rest of the community. Using a third party ensures that everyone is living up to their responsibility and that enforcement is uniform and not hindered by potential difficulties of enforcement on friends and neighbors.
The CC&Rs are basically the rules of our neighborhood. Our community was once comprised of eight different groups of lots developed in phases. In 2012, our community decided to consolidate all of the individual CC&R’s to one set used to guide our community. The goal of the CC&Rs is protect, preserve, and enhance property values in the community. A copy of our CC&R’s can be found here on our website on the documents tab, or you can locate the recorded document at http://recorder.maricopa.gov/recdocdata/GetRecDataDetail.aspx?rec=20120310701
The annual dues for the year are determined by the budget committee, approved by the Board and are communicated during the annual membership meeting. The Treasurer completes the annual budget utilizing a committee of Board and community members. Although our dues have consistently been $95 annually, that amount can change based on the predetermined needs of the community. For 2015, budgeted expenses generally consist of monthly CC&R compliance, launch of our new website, quarterly landscaping services for our entrance areas, and postage/supplies supporting our annual dues billings (including further collection efforts), annual meeting and election of Board Members, and biannual completion of the paper directory as well as other expenses including but not limited to legal fees for consultation with attorneys. The Association’s profit and loss statement is available for review by homeowners at our Board meetings and attached in the documents area of our web page.
Dues are billed annually in February. Dues are considered late if not paid within 30 days. The Treasurer will attempt to collect dues by sending additional invoice copies. The HOA utilizes our attorneys to assist in collection efforts if a homeowner fails to pay dues in a timely manner. Should this occur, the homeowner is responsible for fees charged by the attorney for collection efforts, which can include liens placed on the property.
The documents tab on our web page contains the CC&R’s for reference on what is considered an improvement that requires approval. The architectural form is located on our web page as well on the documents tab and is required to be completed and submitted to the architectural committee for review and approval.
Ideally, the violation is just something that escaped your attention and you correct it. In the case the management company erroneously issued a violation please contact the management company to let them know so they can correct their records. Should you need more time to correct the violation, please contact the management company and let them know your timeline.
Hidden Manor has a complaint form that can be accessed on our web page. Complete the form and email it to Hiddenmanorhoa@gmail.com, mail it to PO Box 10813, Glendale AZ 85318, or contact a Board Member using your directory for further assistance.
Our CC&R’s regulate the parking and storage of vehicles on one’s lot or property. The streets in our community are regulated by the City of Glendale. Currently, the City of Glendale allows parking on the street unless prohibited by posted signage.
Barking dogs are covered under City of Glendale – Noise and Odors: CC 25-24 (f), (h), (i) and regulates noise nuisances including excessive dog barking or howling that disturbs the peace and quiet of neighborhoods. Contact the City of Glendale barking dog complaints at 623 930-3610.
First: Removing a shopping cart from a retailer’s property is theft and those taking them can be prosecuted. Second: It is a violation of the City Code statutes Section 25-24 – Miscellaneous General to leave a shopping cart on private or public property. If you see a shopping cart located somewhere other than the retailers property, please contact Arizona Cart Retrieval (ACR) Company, 1-800-THE-CART (1-800-843-2278) and they will come and retrieve the abandoned cart within 2-4 days of contact.
The city provides bulk trash pickup service for large, bulky items that will not fit into your residential garbage container. This is the time to dispose of tree limbs and brush, as well as furniture and appliances generated from your property. Crews are responsible for removal of large debris only. The equipment used often leaves behind small debris, which is the responsibility of the resident to clean up. Service will not be provided if bulk trash is improperly placed, deemed unsafe to collect or contains unacceptable items. In order to reduce blight and assist in keeping our neighborhoods safe, residents are asked to place bulk trash out no earlier than 6 a.m. on the Thursday before your scheduled service week and no later than 6 a.m. on the Monday of your scheduled service week. It is a violation of city ordinance to put bulk trash out before or after the assigned period. Residents not placing bulk trash out on time will not receive service until the following month and are required to remove their items from the street or alley until the next scheduled service. Failure to comply may result in enforcement action, including charges to the resident.
Schedule for 2015 is located at: http://www.glendaleaz.com/sanitation/bulktrash.cfm
Consistent with all other residential areas in Glendale, the speed limit is 25 mph within our community. Please be cautious when driving through our community as children are often playing and homeowners are walking.